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Elevator Maintenance Services Statewide
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Arizona Elevator Solutions provides comprehensive elevator maintenance and repair services to the Phoenix Valley and Arizona. AES only hires quality technicians which have the highest degree of training and integrity. Each and every one of our technicians are members of the International Union of Elevator Constructors (I.U.E.C.). AES knows that your focus is the satisfaction and safety of your customers, clients, tenants, and residents that use your elevators. We make safety and customer satisfaction our primary concern. This high level of customer service helps ensure that you will have happy tenants in your buildings.

We include the following in our Comprehensive Elevator Maintenance Agreement:

  • Guaranteed Monthly Elevator Service –  No other company offers this in  their standard agreement
  • Monthly Fire Service Test – Performed to comply with ASME code requirements. No other company includes this in their standard agreement as it would require monthly site visits.
  • Free 24 hr Monitoring – Available 24 hrs to fix any unexpected issues
  • Annual Hydraulic and Traction Elevator Safety Tests – Performed to comply with ASME code requirements
  • Repairs – Labor and material covered as listed in maintenance agreement
  • Replacement Parts – All mechanical and electrical parts as listed in maintenance agreement

Customer Satisfaction Is Always Our #1 Goal!

Not only will you enjoy peace of mind with AES highly trained technicians fixing the mechanical inner workings of your elevator, but you will also rest assured that our technicians are the most professional and courteous in the industry. This means should someone come and ask about why the elevator is being worked on, or when it will be working again our technicians will promote professionalism and politely converse with your building’s visitors. This is just one of the ways AES provides unmatched service to all of our clients.

Call AES today and see why we are the leader in elevator maintenance in Phoenix and say goodbye to interruptions in your elevator service!