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How Much Does Elevator Jack Replacement Cost?

If you are looking for elevator jack replacement costs, this post should help. The average elevator jack replacement cost is: $50,000.  Elevator jack replacement costs ranged from $30,000 to $100,000 in 2018-2019.

What Is The Elevator Jack (Or Cylinder)

The purpose of the jack is to move the elevator up and down. To enable the elevator to move up, the jack becomes pressurized with oil. obviously when the elevator descends the hydraulic oil de-pressurizes the jack.

Single Bottom Jack’s vs. Double Bottom Jack’s

Before 1971, single bottom jack’s were manufactured. As the name would suggest they only have a single while double bottom jack’s have an additional bottom. Double bottom jack’s were produced after 1971 until around 1980.

Hydraulic Elevator Cylinder Failure

Most jacks are made of metals that can corrode over time especially as they are often under the ground so they are exposed to dirt, water, debris and so on. This can be a serious issue for a building owner. It is a serious safety issue and your elevator may be out of order for more than six weeks.

If the jack has a major failure, the elevator may free fall causing injury and even death to any passengers. Wit ha single bottom jack there may be major environmental issues as well as the oil loss can seep into the ground and then the water table., making the building owner possibly liable for environmental damages from the EPA.

It should be said a double bottom jack can also fail and need replacement. However, most of the time, the design will help to protect against corrosion and prevent significant seepage of oil.

Elevator Jacks After 1989 Have PVC Lining

From 1989, jacks were produced with a lining made from PVC. The great thing about this is it protects the jack from corrosion and helps to prevent most failures of the hydraulic elevator cylinder.

Beware Of The Hole Collapsing

Infrequently, then the failed jack is removed by the elevator repair team, the hole may collapse. It will extend the time of the repair and ultimately cost more money. There is really nothing that can be done to prevent this, besides preparing for the worst when you budget the repair just in the case of this event.

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